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The best place to live in Australia

By Halime gelin 0 Comment February 15, 2019

Have you recently planned a move and Australia is the only destination in your head? If so, you couldn’t have made better choices. Australia’s smallest continent and country is known for its rich culture, diverse ecosystem and heartwarming people.

Every city and every place in the country is filled with something unique and offers something transcendent. This makes it just a bit more difficult to choose the best place in Australia. If you find it difficult to find out in which city or place you should call at home, don’t worry. Here in this article you will read the most beautiful places in Australia to which you can move for a wonderful life.


The reason Hobart is at the top of our list is that unlike many other cities in Australia, Hobart is actually quiet and peaceful. Ideal for people who want to relax from a hectic and fast paced life, this city offers much more than just a quiet residence.

Surrounded by beautiful warm sandy beaches and picturesque landscapes, Hobart is a true paradise for Workaholics. Although you may not find high-paid Jobs here. What you lose in income, gain quality. And if you’re a Food Sucker, this paradise could be exactly the place you were looking for.


Australia’s second largest city has more to offer than it seems. Melbourne is known as Australia’s capital of culture and famous for its varied climate, rich culture that can be seen in nearby museums, and the passion for sports. Not to mention the fact that the city itself is an art that can be seen more clearly.

There are several good Restaurants where various local and Continental cuisines are served, the best shopping destinations and not forgetting the nightlife. The city is full of surprises and if you’re lucky, you might be able to watch the four seasons of one day.


Talk about the best place to live in Australia. The name Sydney is displayed immediately and automatically. The name Sydney alone is enough to give everyone who wants to work in Australia their back.

This city is known mainly for its scenic beauty. Be it natural beaches and sea or artificial wonders like Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour.

Sydney is characterized by a fast-paced, exciting lifestyle and is suitable for those who are used to living in such an atmosphere. Anyone looking for a Job in one of the companies in Sydney is something. The weather here is pretty normal, the maximum temperature in summer up to 40 degrees and the minimum temperature drops in the cold winter night to 6 degrees.


Adelaide seems to be blurred by focusing on cities like Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. This does not mean that Adelaide is in no way a place where it is worth living, it is only the most underestimated. In the past, newcomers moved to one of the above places, but the Situation has changed recently.

With its small population, the Mediterranean climate, the pleasant weather and the diversity of the community, it has become one of the most popular places of residence of immigrants. The city is surrounded by nature, the housing prices are lower than in other cities and the lifestyle is quite relaxed. Overall, the city has everything to offer.


Perth is located on the west coast of Australia and is far away from the other Australian cities, and that makes it pretty clear. This cosmopolitan city develops daily with an ever-growing economy, new employment opportunities and friendly places.

The place is so Independent that it has been crowned one of the most liveable cities in the world. The icing on the cake is the local cuisine, public beaches and the weather here is never extreme.

There are other places in Australia such as Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, and many more, but not everyone can be the winner. The best place to live in Australia is the one you choose.

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