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Resume Mistakes/Misconceptions

By admin 0 Comment June 1, 2019

Hey what’s up everybody how’s it going now in this section I want to talk about the Emoji play mr. Anna wants to talk about the most common mistake if you have a better idea what you will have a greater understanding of what to do so the first, resume with Steakhouse is that every single experience bet they were a pizza delivery no baby put that on there actually resume you know it’s been 20 years in love with their experience that they feel resume look the resume is a very very very important. Relevant information and transferable information the other comment option I see is that people think a resume should only be one page look a resume into it have to be in order to get it on your resume. Resume needs to be two pages Pages that’s fine you know but make sure that information is relevant information is not relevant your resume and it’s not going to work out specifically for one second. There’s no sell limit on a resume for about 7 seconds so you have about seven 6 so I always keep my resumes around.

Pages you know that’s a plan for me personally another mistake I see is gramatik people tend to list how they are so detail-oriented we have no greater Cincinnati cello things like that on your resume you know willing to take the time to have someone pulled over your resume so that way you know you can not have those mistakes or your resume because what’s the point of your resume actually make it through to the employer only for them to find some sort of the grammatical and spelling error on the resume if you don’t really care enough to have someone triple check your resume what does that say you’re going to do with when you’re in my company you know just think about that resume thing you know if people are pushing this as the new professional resume looks not a new professional resume my son has always graphics and things like that look keep in mind they have their set ways on how they do a resume they know they want education here they won’t work experience here. Curricular activities here exactly how they would like to see the resume so when you get all of this Graphics nosy circles a pie chart for things like that coyote confusing in the employees just don’t want to read it now in another resume mistake I see why we are on the whole graphic thing is headshots

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