Biking within the Sahara Desert – bike journey in Morocco

Biking within the Sahara.

Biking within the Sahara-cycling in Morocco
Touring slowly, humbly, with a easy bike firm will be very rewarding.

A couple of years in the past, I made a decision to trip the Sahara tracks from arvod all the way down to the sand dunes within the boy sweat.

Arvod is a Moroccan desert metropolis the place I lived in 4 years.

This metropolis is the gateway to the shabby ethnic dunes, often known as the marzouka dunes.

It’s a small a part of the itinerary on asphalt, however shortly modified the best way to abandon tracks and off-road, sand and rocks.Mountain bike and sweetness within the desert desert.
Situated Erg Chebbi sand dunes within the south-eastern a part of the Morocco aspect of the Algerian border.From my residence and again the flight was roughly 100 km / 62 miles.When using desert deserts, climate circumstances could also be extraordinarily tough attributable to dry air, sturdy direct solar, harsh terrain and powerful chilly winds.

Biking, Desert Desert Desert.
This journey is not that simple, as a result of it is easy to dry, thirsty and drained. Fatigue and fatigue hit quick. However the weirdness of journey is exceptional.Travelling by mountain bike within the desert of the desert together with sand dunes and mountains is a good way to take pleasure in life whereas touring independently in Morocco.The explanation for this web page is to inspire you to find the place you reside. Normally we’ve many stunning locations round our home, so we are able to simply go and benefit from the journey by bike – calm down and luxuriate in life.

Bicycle journey in Morocco
Observe: these pictures have been taken utilizing my outdated mobile phone, so do not anticipate the very best quality.

Map and path

Map Merzouga free – path of journey by bicycle in Morocco
Part 1 – arvud to Carrière de fossils

The top of the street from arvod to the Carrer fossils.
Roughly 15 km of asphalt till it reaches the “Carrière de fossils” in arvod – one among Morocco’s most well-known fossils. This a part of the street is so stunning as a result of it mixes between Rocky Mountains and pink sand. Well-known Erfoud many quarries of marine fossil, as a result of they include colonies of the mutant slugs invertebrate range is beautiful. Greater than 500 million years in the past within the Paleozoic period, the ocean coated a lot of the world, together with Morocco and the arvod area.

Part 2-Carrière de fossils to Derkaoua

Arvud’s fossil household within the desert desert.
Desert trails with some deep sand. Some Bedouin children promote native crafts. Water wells and some camels.

Part 3-Derkaoua to Auberg Café du Sud

The boy’s sweat, the sand dunes, and the street from arvod.
A mixture of rocks, desert paths, volcanic landscapes and sweetness.

Desert biking in Morocco
Now, some footage from the entire journey.

Cease signing in Arabic
In the midst of nowhere, simply when the asphalt ends , there is a cease signal written in Arabic.

Desert trip. desert.
Whereas using bikes within the desert desert, it is crucial to maintain up with the lack of water and power. After the primary a part of my journey, I ended consuming some recent dates and consuming some water.

I flip to Percocet.
The street from arvod to the drukstore.

Arvid to the fossil household.
Desert paths from arvud to fossil beds.

Mud home.
The mud home within the desert desert. It is a small retailer that sells fossils like triplets, ammonites, orthoquiras and creenoids.

Bicycle journey in Morocco
Bike journey in Morocco is a tremendous expertise. Biking within the desert desert is a tough expertise to date. This a part of the street has a number of sand. Typically it is higher to stroll with a motorbike by Your Aspect.


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